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Taking care of a pet is a lot of work more specifically frogs and toads. It is very important to have some background knowledge on your pet frog or toad. The purpose of this blog is to explain the basic steps of owning a frog or toad.
If you are considering or planning to purchase a frog or toad it is very important that you have some background knowledge on the type of frog or toad you are thinking about buying. It is important that you figure out what the frog or toad eats so that you can feed them the right thing and they won’t get sick. The most common food for a frog or toad is usually mealworms and crickets. When you are researching your frog or toad you will need to research the types of habitats that the animal lives in if you don’t you might make a habitat for a water frog for a toad and that could end up drowning you toad. Some of the proper care equipment I bought when I purchased my toad was a food dish for the mealworms (If you are going to feed your pet them) a gravel shovel for cleaning their tank it will remove the gravel but not the dirty water. Also if you don’t want to clean you frog’s tank twice a week you should consider buying a filter, the filter sucks in the water from the tank and filters out all of the particles in the water. As you can see it is very important to research your frog or toad so that you can give it the proper care it needs.
When you are buying a frog or toad it is important to buy the right size and shaped tank for you pet. When I bought my toads I purchased a regular ten gallon fish tank and made a lid out of wood and screening. As my toad grew I decided to buy a long twenty gallon tank and remade a lid to fit the tank I didn’t spend the extra $20 for the tank that had a lid built in to the tank. Back to the point if you buy a long reptile tank for a tree frog the frog won’t be able to climb on the low lying plant a tree frog needs a tall square tank with stable tall plants in it so that it can climb and hide in the plants. Vise versa for the toad if you buy a tall tank the toad won’t have room to move around and if you get a long reptile tank it will be able to move and hide the water. The most important part of all the tanks is the lid you want to have a lid on the tank at all times when the animal is in the tank so they don’t JUMP OUT.
When you are setting up your toad or frog tank most pet store owners will tell you for a toad do about ¼ to ½ of the tank water and the other part land. With my toads I do about ¼ water, ¼ land, and the other ½ of the tank has my waterfall set up and running. For a frog you will most likely just buy a water dish and not convert the tank into parts you would just put the water dish at the bottom of the plant and make the rest of the tank land. If you are going to do land in the frog or toad tank some materials you could use is gravel if you are putting water directly in the tank or you could use moss if you are going to use a water dish.
If you are thinking about getting a pet frog or toad it is very important that you prepare for what you are about to take on. As an experienced toad owner I really suggest a frog or toad for a second pet because if you are not a very experienced pet owner you shouldn’t buy a frog or toad as a first pet. A frog or toad is a little more work than a fish but taking on the extra challenge is rewarding. You will always be surprised what these little animals can do with out hurting them selves.


If one is interested in insuring a long healthy life of their pet frog or toad they must care for it properly. If the environment and diet are not tended to correctly it could cause the pet frog or toad extreme stress and possibly death. If there is excessive human interaction with the animal, it too could lead to extreme stress and possibly death.

It is crucial to create an environment that is healthy and closely resembles their habitat in the wild. One might research what the pet’s home in the wild looks like so that they have the proper plants, water, lighting, temperature, and substrate in the tank. If the environment is not setup properly for the frog or toad, it could cause a substantial amount of stress on the animal and possibly leading to death.

One must supply the proper diet to the frog or toad so that the animal will be getting the correct vitamins and nutrients. The way to figure out what ones pet amphibian eats is to use valuable resources such as frog or toad care web sites. The site “That Reptile Blog” said, “A varied diet is essential if you are to have success in keeping frogs long-term”. If the frog or toad isn’t fed the proper diet it could suffer from malnutrition and possibly lead to death.

Minimal human interaction with a pet frog or toad is recommended. If there is a lot of human interaction with a pet frog or toad it could result in extreme stress because of invading their personal space. If one has to interact with a pet frog or toad it is advised that the animal is not lifted high off the ground, and that the animal isn’t placed on the ground for it could cause extreme stress and possibly lead to death.

For all the current or future frog and/or toad owners please make sure before purchasing a frog or toad that the proper research is conducted to ensure the ideal environment, diet, and human interaction is achieved. Most importantly, enjoy having one of these critters as a pet.

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